The New City Library will host THE BIG GREEN BOOK on NOV. 29th at 7pm

   Tom will be hosting a power point program on his book, THE BIG GREEN BOOK at the New City Library November 29th, 2017 at 7pm.  The author's passion for the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants shine thrugh on each page of this absorbing work.  The Big Green Book discusses the environmental issues facing America and the world and the innovative solutions people are coming up with to address these problems.  It is crucial that we make the right decisions so that our children will have a healthy, vibrant, ecologically diverse and sustainable planet in which to live.

     A wealth of topics including the following: The Gaia Theory, Global Warming, The Demise of Honeybees, World's Oceans Collapse, Patented Genes, Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Hidden Disasters in Storing Nuclear Waste, Acid Rain, Diesel is a Disaster, Killing Smog, Sick Building Syndrome, Water Pollution and the use of non-lethal weapons in combat.  These and many other topics and solutions are offered in the program.